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Issue with GambitER Damage Log

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So I just enabmed GambitER's damage log which now has all the features it used to. Thanks!


I'm trying to move the damage popup message a bit lower. So after a bit of research, I go into Message.cfg (in /World_of_tanks/res_mods/configs/DamageLog) and try to change the Y value from -450 to something to move it a bit lower. After I do this, the message no longer pops up at all (though the rest of the mod works perfectly). When I try to change it back to -450 so that it will work again, the message popup is still gone. The only way I've found to get it back is to uninstall the entire damage log and re-install it (via the modpack). Any ideas how to move it a bit lower? (it covers the extra aim information which I find pretty handy).


Let me know




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Thats a strange value, mine looks like this:


"MESSAGE" : { 
          "enable" : true, 
          "position" : {
                  "x" : -50, 
                  "y" : 250, 
                  "align" : {
                         "x" : "center", 
                         "y" : "center" 
You could also try moving Extra Aim Info:
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