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Aslain's Countour Icons bugs

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Before anything else, I have to say I really like your contour icons (I know what is against me without pressing tab - no, I can't tell by just ship contour).


And now for those bugs:


Tachibana is yellow (should be green, she is a destroyer).


Orlan is green (should be yellow, cruiser).


Ship names in Detailed Report tab of battle summary are reversed.


Compact Carousel View is somewhat bugged as well, contours are replaced with names, but are not centered at all (don't really know if anything can be done about that, but would prefer if these stayed the old icons, having two names next to each other is somewhat pointless, but this can probably wait until someone creates a carousel mod)



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Clean UP DLC folder and reinstall your mods.


Don't know about Compact carousel, maybe someone will fix that, so I can use it too.

I have just reinstalled the whole game. Can try reinstalling the mod tomorrow, but that won't help for Tachibana and Orlan  ;)

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