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Nations Flags

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Hello guys... I have seen mods that change the nations flags in game.

I do not know if it is possible but would not be cool to see your countrys flag on YOUR ships....there must be a way to do that...

I try to find a way to fix it myself but apparently i do not have the knowladge to do it my self...

Any ideas?

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Hey flag are: wows-res_mods-gui-national flags.Search he wows forum, maybe someone does your national flags

My Friend i did it to have Greek Flag in USA ships for example....The thing is to have it only at your ship....It would be nice to have the Polish flag for you and the Greek for me just in your ship and no other in thr match...:D 

But you are lucky i think there will be a polish tech tree in the future!!! You must w8 for it with great entusiasm!! :D

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