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Hitlog location

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I am using Multi Hitlog v2.3 with the expD + listlog option selected.


I currently have option #1 selected for my hitlog, and it is overlapping with the expD portion of Multi Hitlog.  Screenshot attached.


Is there a way to deconflict the overlap by moving the location of the hitlog lower, so that it is even with the player panel instead of all the way up at the top?  Hitlog option 4 (default XVM) appears correctly.






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Thanks for the reply, Grandorf.

The reason I posted this is that I am suggesting all the hitlog options be placed where option 4 (default XVM hitlog) already appears -- aligned with the player panel, instead of at the extreme top of the screen.  That way they are all compatible with the MultiHitLog expD information without further modification.

Otherwise, anyone that wants to use the MultiHitLog expD + list option with anything other than the default XVM hitlog would have to go in and manually modify the settings every time there's an update to the modpack.  It defeats the purpose of having expD + list as a setup option.  One of the best things about the modpack is that novices like me who are uncomfortable messing around with settings don't have to do that.



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