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Camo Remover by SchrottiGER doesn't work

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Thanks for Your time!


I don't understand, it worked like this before: install skins and camo remover so that you can see new skin without camo from WG, and keep the camo bonuses. Now it doesn't work like that, because remover doesn' remove WG camo. I hope you understand me.

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Two versions ago the camo remover works fine.  I use tanz and if I put on the in game camo on (to get my -4%) the tanz skins work fine. If I install your last verson and todays version. the in game camo's bleed through the tanz camo's unless I turn them off and lose my perk. 


PS, Im am not using any of the Aslains skins in your packs.  The Tanz skins are manually installed.  I hope this helps.



To Gruy3,   try downloading the Aslains version  the camo remover still works in that version till they can get it fixed.

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