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Atmaxx crosshair bug

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Hey there.


I'm having a bit of an issue with the Atmaxx V1 crosshairs. As shown in the picture, the graphics covers the lower left in a very annoying way. It used to be behind the ship, but a few packs ago that changed.


I always use the Clean Install option when installing mods and the problem is there regardless of other mod. I don't like that! It would have been so much easier to be able to pinpoint a problematic mod and stop using that, but nope. Now I'm forced to not use the only crosshair that I actually like :(



On a side note, whenever I launch the installer, Win10 pops up with the usual "are you sure you want to run this?" and I click "yup, I'm sure". When I click OK at the language selection, for some reason, the installer pops up again with another "are you sure?". Only when I cancel that one, does the first one start the setup process. Weird.




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