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World of TAnks mods.


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yeah idk who does these updates so I myself wont be asking them ill leave that up toyou since this is more your thing than mine..im new to using mods myself but I downloaded the latest ..well your latest mudpack and didn't see the WN8 mod or the sessions stat mod but ill look again I guess unless there was an update I missed or somewhere else I have to go to get it..other than that of the version I downloaded from your site those 3 at least are not in this mudpack.  


  just to add for anyone who knows how to..i heard you can replay a battle from somewhere in your garage . like the ptions menu in your garage or something..not sure where or how but they said you can turn on a record to record your battles then replay them after so if anyone knows how let me know please.  :) thanks.


   well I guess I can see you updated a bit..i guess it doesn't tell you in garage but I re-dowladed it again but I do hope hitskins is added its a handy mod and I find it pretty useful.

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