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Missing MOEs and Decals in game

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As the title says, I am unable to see MOEs or incoming damage decals on any of my tanks.  I'm pretty sure it affects enemy MOEs and hit decals as well. The MOEs are visible in the garage and I have "Show Marks of Excellence" checked in the client's general options menu.  I think the issue with damage decals was present before the 9.12 update, but I'm not sure about the marks of excellence.  Currently using modpack version 9.12.13. Any ideas which mod could be causing the issue?

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No idea, some people getting this issue even on default XVM so I blame XVM, better ask on koreanrandom, there is already one topic running posted by user from this forum.


I do not experience this anyway.


Ok, thanks for the information.  After checking out koreanrandom it looks like they are not interested in taking it beyond "check your object detail and shadows" type advice.  Guess I'll have to live with it.  Thanks again for all you do!

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