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Engine volume changes with zoom

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This is bugging me.  When I zoom in and out with my camera the volume of my tanks engine change depending how close my camera view is.  Is there a way to make the sound volume constant?  I find it annoying and distracting when it suddenly goes from soft to loud.  It also makes it difficult to set up the volume for chat or music.


I haven't seen anything in the settings folder to make the volume constant, I also fiddled with the settings, reloaded, all the normal things in case it's a bug but still have the issue.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I will ask zoom mod author, if nothing changes to better (as no update or no fix) I will bring back PMOD.


I assume you don't use any sound mods? If so, try without them.

I currently use the Sixth Sense "Metal Gear" alert and Gnomefather's engine and gun sound pack, however I was experiencing the same problem without using them.

I went back to stock camera zoom out, and have no problem, but that probably is because the camera isn't zooming out far enough for the sound volume to go down.

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