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No XVM stats during game

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Aslain, Thanks for all your help and support.


I've recently come upon this problem:  XVM stats do not show up in the game, all I get is dots and dashes.  See attached photo.  This does not happen all the time.  Usually the first game is good, then they disappear.  As you can also see from screen shot #6; my XVM is "Active."


Attached are the python and Aslain's logs as requested.


Thanks for your help.



Bill Brocato


PS:  Where are the font logs that need to be deleted so the skull can appear on the damage counter?  I've deleted several folder entitled Fonts to no avail.






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Open Menu Start in windows, type Fonts, go to fonts window, search for XVM fonts, remove them. If you are not sure how, google for how to remove fonts in windows :)


Missing stats, I don't know, this is weird... you have to ask on koreanrandom, since they are responsible for this. Try to restart your PC, ask them if nothing helps.

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