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Directional Indicators on Minimap

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I haven't had the directional indicators work for awhile. Is there a conflict with another mod in the modpack?


I use:

Players Panel with HP bars, scale 100%

Crosshairs - By Bowser Green Lemon T

Camera Mods - Max Zoom ship view only

Over Target Markers - Aircraft w/ship names

Dock Appearance - Premium

Consumable icons - Gold Premium

Mini-map & Damage Logs - Ship names last position...

***Display direction lines*** not showing

Tracers #1

Cruise control - by Mebius_LW

Varius mods - Fog remover & Compass elements near crosshair.




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You don't see the other ships direction indicators, or you don't see your yellow view line?


That setting is only for yellow line, I disabled the rest, as it was bugged and indicators were staying on the map even after dying. The same happens on target indicator, I have to remove it, it's rather useless.

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