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Generally, I like the idea of people having the possibility to customize their panels.

But I also don't think that it's something Alsain should spend his time on right now; at least, if it's done the way I think it is.


The files (how the panels can look like) are probably already present and, depending on what you pick, those files will then be installed.

It would be a different thing, if the files would be created during installation and if you had options to choose how many stats you want to have displayed and then choose which of the stats you'd like to see.

Then this file would be created automatically for every person.


I think though, that this isn't too easy to implement and the other way would require Aslain to manually create mulitple different layouts beforehand..

If he did that, then everyone could come and ask for his/her favorite layout and you'd have tons of options in the installer, making the list unnessessarily long.


So, the bottom line is, that your best bet is to ask people to customize the panels for you or try to have a look at it yourself.

I don't understand the code behind it either but you can see patterns for which lines are responsible for what stats.


Just install the advanced panels, check the order the stats are diplayed in and then edit the file and delete/add/rearrange the parts you want.

It's easy enough, since <Font> marks the the start of a stat and </font> marks the end of it.

Like: <font> code for average tier</font>.

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