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? Ship Skins/Mods Not working?

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This is my first time using Aslain's mod packs. Ive been a long time user of solo's for WoT's.  I kinda suck at warships so I looked around for mods and came across this one.  Now its a very good mod, I like it, it is mostly user friendly and very helpful in explaining/showing the mods.  Now the normal mod pack works with the sites and everything else; it works great, that all works. It is the second mod installer for the ship skins and whatnot that isnt working for me. Like I want the Kongo skin, do I only get one skin choice?....how do I get my skin?.....I dont think Im doing my mod right.


I dont understand it and its kinda irritated me. I just wanted my ships skins.......


Like I said the mod pack opens and runs fine and that all seems to work. Do i have to redownload the ship skins from it? When the generic mod thing (the second mod to pop up) ((its usually the one with all the various skins)) I select my skins say the Kongo FOG origional colors......it doesnt give me a choice of add or complete, but to task or close the window, and when i try to do multiple skins, not of the same vessel it gives me a warning of it could interfere with the game.


What am I doing wrong?

How do I do this?

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When you install FOG skins, after the installer downloads them all you should see that window:




Click on desired skin (ship) and then on Arrow button. If you see any warning, confirm the dialog, then you should see it on the right side of that window :




Make sure you are installing to WoWs folder, and confirm MODS dialog after first installation of generic mod installer.


Attach logs too, that may help. (if you still have issue)

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I get to the very last step and then dont know what to do. It's in the WoWs folder and all do I do somethign with the Task bar or do I just close the enabler?


All you do is click on the right arrow to activate hilighted skin, when you see it on the right side that means it should be activated. Remember to activate only 5.2.0 mods, all other is incompatible (I recommend to delete whole "mods" folder and launch installer again).


Once you are done, close the enabler then play game.

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So, Im still having the issue of the skins not showing up. Ive gone thru and double checked that I have done everythign you have told me to do and check. Do I need the right hulls or research done for the skins? Is it in the camo section on the exterior screen?

Ive tried other skins as well and I dont see any difference, especially when using the (TANZ) skins for the Minekaze.

I dont think Ive done anything wrong.

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Finally got a skin to work. The Minekaze (TANZ) skin version Imma check other mods now. Should I get rid of the and how do i do that?


Can I run multiple mods/skins at once without the game messing up?


Like say I want to run the Kongo and Minekaze all day, id like different skins available for them instead of logging out, then back in and repeating log outs and ins

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