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Issues with Panzer58 Mutz Camo and hit zone pack

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I am currently running the hit zone mod, its not the black and white one, its not the purple and turquoise one but the last remaing one, the one that shows you weak points crew member zones and amoo rack etc.Forgive my ignorance but it is late and i have forgotten the name of the mod :P Anyways when i run this mod i dont see the camo on the Panzer58 Mutz on mine or other 58's. Ive uninstalled this mod and installed other and can see the camo(bear) just fine so i am pretty dam sure that the issue is down to the pre mentioned mod! K im sure other users have experienced the same problems. Oh and just for the record friends CAN see the bear camo on my tonk, which is ironic as i want to be the seeing it :P

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