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A couple of bugs

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couple of bugs wondered if you could help me solving


first bug is whenever I am in a platoon my game mods seems to broadcast PMOD_SQUAD_CMD|24|{'int32Arg1': 1725705, 'int64Arg1': 1011190895, 'floatArg1': 0, 'strArg1': '', 'strArg2': ''}

only in platoon chat, I cannot see this but others can>? this is continuiosly with the aslains updates.


secondly when I goto update to the latest aslains the installer is not seeing my list of mods {ie I have to select them from scratch} ?

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If you want, try to debug PMOD/


Edit res_mods\0.9.13\scripts\client\gui\mods\mod_pmod.json


Find "debug": false

Change to "debug": true


Play a game in platoon, do what you did last time when it happened. It should create a debug log somewhere in res_mods I guess.


btw. that logs you attached are very old, one is 2 weeks old, the other one is 3 weeks or so. Play a game with latest modpack, not ancient one. :)

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still happening, removed username at the start


(11:33:27 AM) PMOD_SQUAD_CMD|33|{'int32Arg1': 10320025, 'int64Arg1': 1011190895, 'floatArg1': 0, 'strArg1': '', 'strArg2': ''}
 (8:33:25 AM) PMOD_SQUAD_CMD|33|{'int32Arg1': 10320025, 'int64Arg1': 1011190895, 'floatArg1': 0, 'strArg1': '', 'strArg2': ''}


had to zip the pmod log as it wouldn't upload




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