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Not sure if it's what you mean but I had a similar issue when I tabbed out a lot (checking browser and so on), using windowed fullscreen mode of the game.

When I scrolled, it went very far away with only one scroll and then almost to sniper mode when I scrolled back.


To fix that, you simply need to minimize and then maximize the game in your taskbar and the scroll steps are back to normal.

See if that helps.

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What I mean is that as soon as the battle starts, the posotion of the tank is for me to far away and as soon as I scroll on click back it is to close that I can see only the front and gun. in my past pack the pos was perfect and was adjustable when using Pmod. any idea to fix that with normal zoom mod ?

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Maybe I don't understand you but it sounds exactly like what I said.


If your scrolling is "too fast" (as in, if you are far away and scroll once, it's suddenly 1 step before sniper mode), then you simply have to go to your windows taskbar and minimize and maximize WoT.

After that the scrolling will be normal again.


If that's not at all what you experience, please try to elaborate a little bit more.

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