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MOD Pack does not finish with "sed: Stream Editor"

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OS is Windows10 and I use this PC only for WoT and less other applications.

I can play WoT without MOD


I tried re-installation of recient WoT 9.14 and tried to use MOD Installer 9.14.21.

I can play WoT with some MOD.


I tried to install without antivirus software(I just killed antivirus software. not un-installation). but, same result.

I can play WoT after I used your installer. but, some MOD were not installed.


Since MOD Pack 9.14.17. Installation does not finish with the last windows of installer that shows "installation is going to complete" 

(I use japanse installation therefore I do not know how does it described as english version)

I found "sed; stream editor" still running on task manager.

The last window of installer disappear after I kill "sed:..." from the task manager.

I confirmed the " sed:..." is related to your installer which is located at D:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain.


Anyhow, even if I let it go long time for few hours, the last window of MOD Installer has never disappear.


I tried to find the _aslain_log.zip as you mentioned where WoT is installed. but, I could find it then I attached following file that seems to be related..











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