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Crash to Desktop

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I'm having problems with the game crashing to desktop. I have two computers i use in World of Tanks with exact same mod set up. My desktop runs the mods and the game with little to no issues, however my laptop here as late crashes to desktop all the time. I play 5 clan wars battles last night, two stronghold matches and handful of pub matches I crashed in all 5 CW battles, both stronghold skrimsh matches and randomly through the pub matches I played. (pubs seemed to crash about every 3rd match)


Message WG with a support ticket and there cookie cutter response was mods are causing the crash. Uninstall any mods that you are using, uninstall the game completely and reinstall the game. If problems still exist, please submit a new ticket. 

I update mods daily before even opening up the game, I run the exact same mods every time. I have not download today's patch if its up yet. I was waiting to here back from WG support, with hopes of something other than a copy/paste response. 


I've also tried reinstall the game 3 times in the past week and half in hopes of fixing the problem.



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