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XVM stats showing boxes.

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Ever since a couple of days ago my XVM stats have been showing boxes instead of actual text. Its even affecting portions of my OTMs (LuckyCrusky's in the installer).




No I know this is usually a font issue, but I have made sure to install all the fonts used by the mod pack (using the standalone font download provided). This has not fixed it, nor has reinstalling the mod pack.


Logs (if needed):






(Ive also been having (seemingly random) CTD issues, but I cant pin it down, and Im not using the most recent music mod that was causing all the issues). 

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It's surely font issue, nothing else. When font is missing, blocks and squares are being installed.


That font is "consolas".


Consolas is installed on my system. I have verified that fact. Multiple times.


Here is the fonts section of the Control Panel with 'Consolas' selected:




Additionally this first started when I was loading into a match. The previous match was fine, and then upon loading into a new match, it was messed up.

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Try to install all consolas from me, you will find them in _fonts_For_Aslains_Modpack folder. Unless you already did that.


I have. I used the download you provided to reinstall it, in addition to using the fonts within the _fonts_For_Aslains_Modpack. I am still having the issue.


This has even persisted through a complete reinstall of the modpack (uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs, then reinstalled, and cleared the DLC and WoT caches).

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