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Elite filter for Multi-Lined Tank Carousel


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Hi Aslain,


I was curious if it would be possible to add another custom filter to the multi-lined tank carousel config that would show ONLY tanks of elite status (fully researched).  The inverse is already present, but that doesn't do anything for me...I have almost 100 tanks.



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I couldn't even guess what you'd need that for though.

Viewing the non-finished ones makes much more sense, as you will know what you have to work on.


Seeing "finished" tanks (as far as modules go), has no benefit, unless you may want to train crews on "finished" tanks.

Which also makes little sense, since you should do it on premiums or you should just play tanks for certain missions (rewards or x2, x3, x5 EXP), for fun or for certain tiers (platoon).


I guess you have your reasons though and the question is valid as well (have an option for more filters?).

Good luck with it.

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I suppose it makes it easier to find the tanks that are ready for the next tier to be bought.  My friend has like 5 tanks he can buy if he had the money.  Having something like this would make it easier to find the one that costs the less to up tier.

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