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Update sounds?

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Well no longer using the sound mods, more so since you took them out, however, I'm still not getting any sounds for my Russian Cruisers or my New York. I've tried everything I can think of except a total uninstall, reinstall. Before I take that last step thought I would ask you if it's something else causing it mod wise? New log included


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Hitting settings in the launcher and selecting the check option could also solve your issue. I'd recommend you uninstall the modpack first though, as I had some weird issues doing the check without first uninstalling the modpack.

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1 hour ago, XJadynX said:

So this is strange. I uninstalled the Aslain mods. Uninstalled the game. Reinstalled the game, played it, have sound. Installed mods, mind you there is no more sound mod and.... no gun sounds for Russian Cruiser or Texas. Now I am confused. 



Weird indeed, since wows modpack is not messing with original client files, except for preferences.xml to install Replay Enabler and that's it. Do you have sounds when you play in Safe Mode?

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17 hours ago, XJadynX said:

Just played a game in safe mode, and yes, I have sounds for my Russian Cruisers and Texas. 


So your original game files are not affcted. 


This is caused by crew sounds mod: kancolle, don't install it, reinstall the modpack and perform all cleanups just to be sure.


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