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blurry autospy icons

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Hello everyone,


I've been having an issue with atuospy's advanced icons mod after updating to 0.5.5, namely that the icons during the game are quite a bit blurry, to the point where some numbers are hard to read. I assume this has something to do with size, namely the player names appear larger then before, and are capped at 6 characters. The Tab screen shows the full names, at a smaller font size, and the ship icons are sharp as well. I've been looking around the .xml files for font settings, planning to try a smaller font (and hopefully also increase the name cap from 6 to 11, which is exactly as much as the tab screen cap is, but I can't make heads nor tails out of them (the huge size doesn't help either :P ). I also tried overwriting the old pngs, but no improvement, even though they worked perfectly fine pre 0.5.5


I had the same issue with all 4 versions of the mudpack since the game update, and I even did a clean installation of the game itself. I tried reinstalling the pack several times as well. Resolution is 1920x1080, and ingame aspect ratio is 16:10 (I know that's not the correct ratio, but I prefer it, and the issue remains even when using 16:9, I tried it already).


I would like to know if it's only me, or some other people noticed it as well, and hopefully someone can tell me what I could do to both lower the font size and increase character cap. (if it's just editing an xml file, telling me which one and the lines I should look at would be fine, though if it's a swf file, i'm lost).


I'm attaching a screenshot of the issue, and also the log, although I doubt it'll be needed. I know the screenshot quality is worse then ingame, but the icons themselves really are that blurry. I also cut a part of the tab screen and put it next to the ingame namelist, to show that they are not the same size.


p.s. I saw in the installer screenshot that the mod had an option to show ship health under the player name, but saw no such option during installation. is it a legacy option that's no longer supported?


wows ss1.jpg

wows ss2.jpg

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HP bars are not supported in, maybe in future someone make them again.


As for Blury Icons, well this is how it's made currently, these icons are based on photoshop icons and numbers, instead of auto-generated ones like it was before.

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