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Implement Sci-Fi Contrails & Tracers?

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Can we add these tracers and contrails to the modpack (not sure about the crosshairs)?  They do still work:




Also, and I may be asking a bit much, but would it be possible for you to separate the contrails, tracers, and shells separately so that installers can mix and match their desired mods from this category as these are merely texture files?

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They are for old versions of WoWs, WG changed crosshairs files in recent updates so it has to be properly updated to be used. They maybe work (I dont know) but I will not take a risk of using old files.

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I don't know about the crosshairs, but the colored tracer with colored HE/AP shells will always work every patch for me though I have to always put the trails folder inside the particles folder every time a patch hits. I been using the Blue tracer with red shell for HE, Blue shell for AP for quite a few patches and it never breaks other mods or stop working completely. Hope Aslain would consider putting this into the already amazing modpack.

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