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No One Seems To Blow Up-GLITCH

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So my problem only showed up whit the new update. Basically my dmg log doesn't work and nothing keeps track of the dmg I've done, in one game I managed to kill two tanks but their HP bar didn't change and the tank just froze, un-blown up. But on the side bar where it lists all the tanks it kept track of my kills. It also never told me on the top bar how many tanks where fraged, so I didn't know when the game was gonna be done, or even if we were winning. I also had all the tank names that are above spotted tanks on all the time. I forgot to take screenshots during the moment, and the replay doesn't want to work with mods on. It works fine without the mods, FYI. Please leave questions and I will reply to them as quick as possible.

 Thanks - Keegan



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