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I experience the exact same problem, the game closes and returns to windows, some times it restarts automaticaly, some times it does not. 

Also, the mod does not work.

It shows a rectangle around the target, like when it's working, but the turrent does not follow the target automaticaly.




EDIT : FYI the game crashes 5-10 seconds after i activate the autoaim, every time

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4 hours ago, N_aka said:

When i use this mods then game fails and Return to Windows. So i have to start the game again. When i play without this mods, the game Works fine .


Managed to reproduce, I will remove Autoaim extended for now, it seems to be unstable.

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I had TERRIBLE trouble the first day or so, but my installation is running smooth all day yesterday and it includes the Auto-Aim mod (without track/engine repair or VOIP disable).  Other than that i don't go over heavy and have been slowly adding most of my mods back EXCEPT sound (though all i ever ran was the UP sound and 6th sense dog bark) and the Tessu Mod which seemed like it was increasingly buggy over last few weeks anyway but didn't cause crashes (sometime i KNEW who was talking but someone else icon would light up).


I also updated my NVIDIA vid card driver did a complete removal of WoT and cache was cleaned then did a complety NEW install (ok, so i've got fast Internet took about an hour and a half).  I ran vanilla for a while (ugh) and then started adding slowly.   I also unchecked XQMP at the XVM site and did not choose any option in the modpack that even thought about using XQMP :)


Worked for me.


Win10/64bit  i7 920 2.67ghz, NVIDIA GTX760 factory overclocked and 12GB ram

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