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Using mfdirect. Now some of mods are working others arent. The one on the match screen showing torps range,detection range,hp etc will not come up. Only get basic ship profiles with no ship information. Did not install Training Room as I was not sure if it was working. Sometimes I think Wargaming are just messing with the mods guys like Aslain. Makes no sense that mods have to be reworked and redownloaded with every patch.

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OK.  Sounds like you got the ModPack downloaded then??


Some of the mods make specific changes to the game files and need to be updated when WG makes changes.. For instance, in the patch, the battle results screens changed.  Anything that modified the older version of the results screen will need to be updated.  Several mods have not been updated since the major file system rework in the patch.


Since you have the ModPack downloaded, I suggest that you start a new thread with your actual problem.  Include the _Aslains_log.zip file and maybe some screenshots.

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