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Missing info - guns

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Hello there guys,


i am sorry to make this post, but i want to eliminate all possibilities.


When i am in game in garage ad i want to see some info about tank guns, i am missing some info. When you see Dispersion at 100 m (m) normaly you see something like : 0,46 or 0,33. But i see ONLY 0.

Same for aiming time. You see : 3,2 or 2,8. I see only 3 or 2.


Point is, i see only WHOLE numbers.


Anyone else have same problem ? This problem is since the new big patch.


Thank you for your help and i am sorry about this new post. But i am little bit desperate.


In attachment you can see what i mean.




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Hello there sir,


only mods i use are from your installation pack and i update it regulary as you release them :-(

Already tried CLEAN installation of WoT. Maybe when i uninstall your mods, there can be somewhere some folder which is not deleted during uninstallation ? Is it possible ?

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