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XVM Player stats not showing at battle loading screen.

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WOT Asia Server Version 9.15

Aslains Version 9.15.17


Problem started with wot 9.15 patch.


There is xvm data in the player service record when i look in under vehicles including Xte and the colours.


At the battle loading screen there is space for all the xvm stats, but the data is not included, just grey underscores  (like when xvm is not activated). Services activated 12d 18h 45 min remaining.


I have re-installed Aslains for version 9.15.17 upgrading from 9.15.06, (stats didnt work on it either), using remove contents of cache and reset game settings, + Remove contents DLC Cache on new install.


Res_Mod folder has folder marked


Sorry I couldn't find the _Aslain's Logs.zip file.  (would i have to create that? sorry i am next to computer illiterate).


Many thanks for your help.







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