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About Laptop Fan Speed & Temprature of gpu

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Hello guys,

i try to play wot today and first time i face with 100 degree Celcius GPU and 90 degree Cpu

and my Laptop fan was working on 2225 rpm in chema of laptop fan program it shows its %15 speed of TOp speed.

i dont know how to increase it but laptop not increase it how to do it help me please.

laptop never got this degree and weather here is 40degree air conditioner on.but still this heat of cpu scared me.

iwant you help me with  fan speed increase, i tried speedfan and hwinfo64_530(sensonr) but it does nothing. 

i believe its about BIOS.


my laptop samsung: 550p5c s01tr

6gb ram

1gb HDD

2gb nVIDIA 630m + 256mb intel 4000

i7 - 3610 Qm 2.3ghz to 3.3ghz

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have u tried  opening the laptop and blowing  out dust etc from the fans ??  as this can cause major overheating.  also buy a laptop cooling pad  as this decreases the gpu temp massively .

I also use a laptop and my gpu never goes above  80 degrees celcius  (without cooling pad) .  with a cooling pad  gpu barely goes above 60 degrees . and that's   using max graphics settings . 

also  use   core temp  as its more accurate and moniters each core temp   

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