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how to configure 6th sense messages

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I like to tell the team (specially in CW's/SH's as I don't use mic - baby always asleep on those hours) that I'm spotted...


but the last mod on this modpack has a weird configuration that I can't "decode"...


all files that have a name close to the spotted message, are compiled python files (.pyc), and I can't find any .xml file with same settings to tweak :(


The biggest issue is that is does not report spoting if they are to close to each other, and "cooldown" delays start to happen ... 




I just want to tell my platton or team (CW/SH) that I'm spotted, even if that happens 10 times in 30 sec... I don't want any cooldown... this is driving me nuts :(



Anyone knows is there's any configuration available?



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Good idea ... found the configuration checking the log file :)

that cooldown period of 60 seconds is really bad



file location from log:

2016-07-07 20:31:54.075   Dest filename: E:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\spotmessanger\spotmessanger.xml
2016-07-07 20:31:54.075   Time stamp of our file: 2016-06-29 16:57:56.000
2016-07-07 20:31:54.075   Installing the file.
2016-07-07 20:31:54.078   Successfully installed the file.


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17 minutes ago, Aslain said:


Yeah :) I will change it to 10 sec.



did the same, remember it's in more than one place... global settings and for each battle type, :) or simply remove the setting on each battle type.


just remove all from each battle type:

            <!-- Cooldown parameters -->


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