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PlayerPanel mod #2 selection etc does not install.

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2 hours ago, JohnMidnight said:

See log.



Update: Cannot open up lastomer_581.7z assuming that is the file in question


If you cannot open, means it got corrupted durring downloading - solution: redownload it, to do it, launch installer with checked option to clean up DLC folder, or manualy remove this file from Aslains_DLC_cache

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I've done the check box setting and tried twice with that selected. Both times no install-downloaded tho. Watched it too--will manually wipe and see what happens with box unchecked.

If still fail, will switch from primary DSL connection to a cable connection and try that. If that fails. I wipe folder, and retry with Bit Defender off in entirely (but I don't see intellectually how this would be a problem when said mod has been downloaded and installed previously)


At work currently. Will try tonight. Otherwise. Every other. Mod works fine.

Welp. No matter what I do, Player Panel #2 will NOT completely download. it will either stop at 18 megs, 19, maaayyybbbeeee 20 and unable to replicate this one 22 meg pull.

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8 minutes ago, Aslain said:

I tried to download this file multiple times, no single issue.




Try to do it manualy, and copy it to Aslains_DLC_cache then run the installer again and install it without clean dlc folder.

How large is it supposed to be 25 megs?


I also can get the player panel to show up, but I think it was a conflict with running lights.


This new panel conflicts with more mods because it uses battle elements also now.


Aslain, I would make a note in this ti not share any mods with it for now

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