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Monty Python


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I recently found an old video on YouTube. A WoT player had a voice mod of Monty Python's crew. John Cleese and all those crazy guys doing what thay did so well, making us laugh.
I know zero about making a mod, but I know what I would want. For instance, when you are spotted I would want 6th sense to say, "Run away...Run away!" 


Not a big deal really, just wondering if Aslain could make such a mod, or add an existing one to the mod pack list.


Thanks for making installing the mods you have so simple. I donated this month and will continue to every month. You definatly deserve it. Thanks. 19Echo.

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your best bet would be to google how to edit sounds for world of tanks. its not as simple as one would think. I too have been looking for a good way to make some sounds but all the videos are out dated I hope someone will see this thread and pop in with a good tutorial or info on how to make them easily.


I could see using some of the thats just silly statements for things like bounces and what not.

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If you want to edit sound files yourself, go from there:


For some stuff it's rather simple and for other things, it can be complicated (depending on how much you try/can understand things).


Keep in mind though, that this seems to have a shelf life as well, since WG announced to possibly change the whole sound stuff in the future.


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LegendaryStoner and Almace, thank you for the information. I really did not expect much info on this, but I see now the people here are very helpful. Thank you both a bunch.


I especially liked the links you posted Almace. My personal project is to endever to make this mod myself and if I can I will make several versions. That is a big IF!


Thanks again! 19E   (M60A1 driver)

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