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Clan Recruitment Rules

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1. All forum rules are valid in this section except bumping: it is allowed for each clan to bump their thread with same or similar post over and over again.

2. Each clan is allowed only 1 active thread per clan. IF you have multiple clans ( WG1, WG2 etc..) you are allowed to have active thread for each, no matter if it is basically same clan.

3. Topics that are not connected with recruitment and clans will be removed and poster will be sanctioned.

4. Native languages are allowed in this section - there is no "Use English language only " rule here.

5. Due to potential issues with language barrier, moderators won't be responsible for removing each potentially bad post - it is duty of clan officers or topic starter to report posts that violate rules.Moderators might interfere only in the case of obvious Forum Rules violations.

6. Each clan MUST HAVE link to their page on main portal ( example: [WG]) in their first, opening, post.

7. Aslain will not meddle into internal things of clans, alliances and so on (officers, or clans leaving, "backstabbing" or NAP breaking, potential gold sharing issues, etc.). Such things are internal matters of each clan or alliance and will be considered as violation of forum rules if posted here.

8. Threads without new posts for 15 days will be considered abandoned and will be locked and removed from this section.

9. Above everything, be polite and always follow the rules - what you post here will represent your clan to entire community and can cause damage beyond repair.

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