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Sound mod not working and other issues i found

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So I started using your installer recently, I'm really impressed so far but I encountered few issues:


1. Sound mod not working:

logs attached to this case, I installed the dancing queen for torps alert, it just does not work, normal beeping goes off.


2. Torpedo sound previews do not work in installer (both  5.15.1_ 3 & _ 4)

The category marker plays jaws theme, others don't do sh** (link with picture)


3. (Might be more of a problem of mod itself but) Gun marker shape #10

 It doesn't do the full green circle when cannons are loaded, only something like 355 degrees.



4.Video on loading screen from Arpeggio of BlueSteel works only 50% of the startups, otherwise the default video is played, can't really wrap my head around what can cause this.


I reinstalled everything few times, didn't help with any of those issues


Other than this everything worked perfectly.

Thanks in advance! :)



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Thanks for using it :)


1. Have you tried the other torp sounds or just this one? I need to check it out. 


2. I haven't added sound preview to torpedo sounds yet, thanks for remainding me. That requires me to record some samples or extract them from the mod files, had no time for this :) What you can hear in the sound preview of this section is just a sample sound, which was valid at the time I added it, but this section has grown up a lot in time.


3. I will check it out and remove bugged aim circles, these are very old ones from beginning of 2015.


4. Most of the video mods for loading screen was made a year ago, and might work like that, since their authors hasn't updated them anymore. I let it because it's mostly work, even at 50% rate ;)


3/4 similar case.

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Tried the Go beat crazy one, does not work either.

Dnia 12.12.2016 o 19:48, Aslain napisał:

1. Have you tried the other torp sounds or just this one? I need to check it out. 



enable replays feature doesn't work either

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