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Sturer Emil curse

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First time it happened when I killed Sturer Emil. Game freezed on the frame when I see my ammo hits it for couple of seconds, then crashed and restarted. I was unable to return to the battle after that - game crashed on every attempt until the battle end. And then revenge came. Since then it happened to me couple more times - always because of this TD, as suggests the last line in the python.log before the game restarts - but then it was just immediate CTDs, I was not even aiming at it, but I'm sure the little beast was somewhere around me, maybe even in my team. )))

So after I found this issue I play only tier 10 games in order to not encounter this dangerous vehicle. Hope you will be able to release me from the curse. )))


Here is the famous line: 

2016-12-15 22:15:38.552: CRITICAL: [Exception] [Compound] Failed to load model vehicles/german/G43_Sturer_Emil/crash/lod0/Hull.model! Compound building failed!



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