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Friends/Black list bugged

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Well, as stated in the title of the post, I'm experiencing a bug related to my friends list. It appears as is I had no contacts there, though I still can see the number of friends connected in game when I collapse the friends list window, and I can't search for players there. Also, I can see no names on my clan window nor when someone writes me a PM.


I know some other friends are having the same issue, in case you need additional info just tell.


Thanks and congratulations on this great mod you have made!



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Thanks and sorry, I wrote the post in a hurry and didn't take a look at that one...


Well, I followed  all the steps:

- Description of the issue is on my first message: I can't see my contact list while playing with mods.

- Both files attached plus 2 screenshots. The screenshots are in Spanish, as that is my mother tongue, but you will easily realize that my contacts list is empty, though it says 18 of my contacts are online in the screenshot called "mods", and you will see there is no problem while playing without mods, in the screenshot called "safe mode".

- I did launch the game in safe mode and I didn't have the issue, I could see my contacts (see attached screenshot).

- The current version is #5, the latest I've seen in the web.


Thank you very much in advance!






safe mode.jpg


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10 minutes ago, Davidinlv82 said:

Looks like from the python log that the Versus mod is causing the problems, try removing that and report back


You were right, sir. Thank you so much! :)


Edited: this post can be closed then.

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