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Serious BUG: "Realistic Big Waves" MOD hinders loading MAP

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Environment: Win7x64, Asia

"Realistic Big Waves (beta version)" in Aslain's WoWs Modpack[various mods] has a serious bug.

The Modpack version is v5.16.0 #00(latest). I have never used any mods else this modpack.


This mod hinders loading one of MAPs.

With this mod, I cannot play the MAP.


- On "Fault Line" MAP, loading doesn't start(The progress bar doesn't proceed absolutely).

  I've encountered this MAP 3 times and it occurred in all case.

- Restarting WoWs was not effective.

- Restarting with safe mode was effective. Loading and battle started.

- I tried playing "Fault Line" MAP in training mode:

  -- with this mod, loading didn't start.

  -- without this, loading started and I could play the MAP.

- On other MAP, there is no problems I saw.



PS: "Check and repair game integrity" was not effective.

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I will be trying to fix it in another WoWs modpack. Is this really just one map? Have you tried all of them?


btw. you are installing mods in the normal mode, is this intended?


edit: indentified these maps as bugged:

- Archipelaggio
- Fault Line
- North (loading but graphics are bugged)

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Thank you for reading and dealing.


>really just one map?  Have you tried all of them?

No, sorry. I would mean, I have not encounterd bugged map else "Fault Line".

I said "No problem" for only maps I have encounterd.


> normal mode, is this intended?

Yes. The old folder was renamed.

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