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Mini Map Ship colours

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Firstly, thank you for your time -- this is my very first stab at this...but I am not wholely unfamiliar with your good work -- that said.

I am Red Green Colourblind -- and yes I know that the game has a "colour blind setting" -- which sucks -- what I really need and would like to know if it's even possible is the ability to change the enemy colour from red to blue -- or even better yellow -- like you can in WoTanks --on the mini map.   I tend to rely on the mini map a lot and when  the red ship enters the red capture base or is on the edge of an island it disappears -- can't tell you how many times I have sailed right across a dd in plain sight to everyone except me...

Again thanks


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15 hours ago, WmScottTurrall said:

Amazing -- turn around in under 12hrs - -WOW --impressed -- the colour choice is definately better than the red -- thanks al lot -- 



You are welcome. Out of curiosity have you played with the in-game CB options? When i set them to full intensity and select the latest one, the enemy colors looks just like I colored them:



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Thanks -- sorry for the long delay in the response -- was logged out -- and didn't get notification -- yes I have tried this and it looks hideous as you can see -- what you have done with the mini map alone is ideal -- almost perfect...one thing now that 0.6.0 can I just move the files into the 0.6.0 file?


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I am glad that more and more games have support for color blind filters/color shift built into their base clients and support modifying the interface via add-ons/mods for those who need more support. I also play World of Warcraft and it too has options for these things, and I'm glad for it.


I'm hard of hearing so it's the visual cues (flash the screen in WoW if something happens, bigger torpedo icons in Warships) that help me.


Thanks to Aslain and all those who pitch in to help us. :)

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On 3/7/2017 at 6:14 AM, WmScottTurrall said:

Hello again -- at long last ver 0.6.2 broke the patch -- if and when you get a chance an update would be great . 


As Always thanks for making gaming enjoyable.




Please test it, I'm not sure if I made that minimap ship icons correctly, they may need some more love: minimap.swf

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