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Issue with Takao skin mod not loading when selecting Atago

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Aslains client: v5.16.1 #07 (10-01-2017)

Mod list location: Ship Skins & Appearance > Takao/Atago skins (by SEA Group)


When installing the Takao/Atago skins (by SEA Group) mod (choosing mod alone after installing other selected mods in a previous install from the same Aslains client and playing a number of games) as an additional, the IJN Atago Premium  ship (with Ocean Soul camo) is not loading in port. Getting an indefinite 'Ship loading' loading icon in the port. I have ARP Takao so unselected the Arpeggio ships and selected them, both occasions the same thing happened. ARP Takeo loads fine with the mod installed, just not the Atago.


Had a friend install and he had the exact same thing. We both ran the installer again and unselected this mod and the Atago loaded fine in port without issue or delay.

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