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there is a new update version

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i always have problems when i download the mod for wot. It always comes up with this ' game resource path does not exist :./res_mods/ ' with this i just usually have to change the res mods folder name to this above mods folder name. But this time i do it the game loads but i cant access the game interface IE i cant look at the tanks to see what i need to upgrade to get the next one, it just does nothing and is a black screen. Is there something i am missing?

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Most of your mods will corrupt if you just rename the folder because every other file within is still referencing old version numbers.


Some will work but only the ones using the configs/mods folders, not the folder.


Best to either play without mods for the time being or wait for mod pack update. I'm sure Aslain is working hard to get it done.



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