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  1. Hi well there is A new update for WoWs so the modpack dont work at the moment. I hope we get a update for the modpack soon :)
  2. When does the new modpack for WoWs will be added ?? I know i am quick to ask but have limited time i can play the game and really like some of the mods for WoWs from Aslain :) With my best regards Edward Beijdorff/Dutchy_destroyer
  3. yep it works normally now my bad. Btw I do use port zoom out + YAZOM together and BOTH work fine now
  4. Ok i removed a few mods and all working now. let out. Daisy ships contours and removed Class panel V2 with side panels
  5. Hi Aslain i have the same problem as above(afther batlle logs dont show all information and 1 totally gone) And the port ZOOM out mod don't work anymore. With my regards, Edward Beijdorff/Dutchy-destroyer Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. Hi. well WoWs got a new update to 7.11.1 i have tryed myself to adjust/chance the file into 7.11.1 but it did not work this time. mods dont load. So when does the new modpack come to this site? with my regrads e.beijdorff/Dutchy_Destroyer
  7. when i select the AIM CIRCEL GIGACINT i get the wrong 1 PREDATOR will show in game Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. hi Aslain here is the logs files about the BATTLE HIT VIEWER it still when you open it SHUT DOWN the game Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Hi ASLAIN first wanna say thanks for the mod pack, I only have a problem with the garage mod, BATTLE HIT VIEWER if you want to use it, to look at the HITS / damage taken/given and/or ARMOR of TANK, then it SHUT DOWN the game compleet, and you need to restart the the game. Sorry did not have a FILE about this problem made. ( removed the MOD) BUT i try to make 1 later with mod installing again !! with regards, Dutchy_destroyer Edward. Beijdorff
  10. Hi . I am playing on the open public test server and installed the mod pack v.9.23_CT_01 and now if i CANT open the GAME SETTING GRAPHIC'S and afther adjusting GAME CONTROLS (( or other settings)) it don't CLOSE the popup screen to adjust settings anymore so starting playing impossible . And have to REBOOT GAME. Don't know what the problem is but with MOD PACK instald on the game ,you cant use GAMESETTING'S because it don't close anymore On SAFE MODE without mod pack everything works PERFECT no problem Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. It is very strange because the first time i used the new MOD pack i had no problems. But i wanted to chance something in the mod pack . And now got the ERROR BAD GATEWAY 503
  12. the clan name = [103VK] 103 recon (((VerKenning batajon)) its a real tank unit from the Dutch army. fast moving tank unit to locate enemies
  13. Hi dear Aslain, i really missing the mod of the warning sounds of incoming torpedoes , it really did help me to react on it!! And turn my ship to AVOID a hit from torps. Are they coming Back in the MOD PACK for WoWs ???
  14. sorry a bit big picture of our clan ICON
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