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MLP solution ?

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Unsure, where to put this really :S  This is not an attempt to bring a mod up against Aslain at all, but merely a poissible solution, to get a former mod in the pack, back :S

Being a massive fan of your modpack, i keep installing your collections over and over again, whenever there is an update :)
But... im also a major fan of the MLP voicemod, that has been removed from the pack :(
Not sure, if the automated installation, prohibits the mod to be installed as required by the creator, but i did the following, to make it work fine in
Grabbed mod from here:

Followed the first installation method, but when prompted if i wanted to overwrite existing files, i clicked "skip".
Followed the rest of the instructions, and... well, it works :)

Hope someone will update the realistic heavy seas soon though :S

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