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Damage Panel health bar under consumables

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Note: If you want to remove this HP bar too, instructions found at bottom of page.


Hey Aslain, I see that this health bar: 88e1a18994.jpg 

is now enabled by default with installation of this damage panel: dac89528eb.jpg 

I see that it can be disabled on the 3rd line of res_mods\\gui\flash\damagePanel\damagePanel.xml by setting 'healthbar enable="false"', but perhaps it would be ideal if that were to be disabled by default again, or perhaps even if it got its own check box in the installer if some people like it?


I assume this was done in error, hence why I posted it in bug reporting.


Thanks Aslain!

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  • Administrator

Not a bug, this bar is a part of this mod, it's no the same mod like before, this mod was in modpack since beginning of 9.17 (more or less).

Thanks for letting know how to disable this bar, I will see if I introduce a switch to the modpack to remove it.

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