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Crash to desktop on battle start

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On 2017-02-08 at 9:44 PM, garoo said:

Game keeps crashing on battle start/loading.  Has been happening quite a lot through all revisions.


Running an i7/6700 and a Geforce 1050/Ti


Tried removing a few mods, not sure which one is offending... if any.


Playing in safe mode doesn't crash.




Still having the same issue.  Removed a bunch of mods, still crashing to desktop with version #17.  Happened on first game load.

Very frustrating.  Love the mod pack, hate the crashes to desktop on loading to a match.




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I think it did.


Just installed the latest update... I have the new beta launcher... and now my FPS have dropped from 100+fps to 3-7fps.


Not sure what's up there.  EDIT:  rebooted game in safe mode...  same thing.  Turned off vsynch, rates shot back up.. however...   were slow in full screen.  Looks like it's a release issue.


Edit two:  Nope.  Tried again with mod pack, 3-7fps.  Ugh.  uninstalling.  this sucks.

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Removed modpack, reinstalled old one, didn't work. deleted res_mods folder.  Reinstalled new one, CAREFULLY and noticed some selections were wrong.  Changed target reticle... I think that was it.


Back to working order.  So it was something to do with just selecting 'default like I had it before' and it went south.



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