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"retraining required"

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i get a "retraining required" under every captain in port, right on top of the xp bar. launching the game in safe mode removes it, so i asume it's because of one of the mods. the only one i can think of that affects port UI is better ship icons in compact carousel. i will come back with further details once i have narrowed it down. not gamebreaking, but annoying to not be able to see the xp.


yep, it's the better ship icons on compact carousel. with it disabled, the issue is gone.  (i probably should confirm that the captain was indeed retrained for the ship in question and is able to fully use the skills with no penalties).

not sure if it's needed in this case, but i'm attaching the log anyway.


retraining required.jpg

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can confirm that it's mostly solved, with 1 exception: missouri captains still show the "retraining" thingie. it's tied to the ship, not the captain, though, i tried with several(not seagal), everything is fine on normal ships, but missouri always shows the retraining overlay. it's still not gamebreaking, just annoying. if there's anything you need from my client to track this down, let me know and i'll be glad to help.

p.s. - it also completely removes the xp bar now, before it was just on top of it.

p.p.s.-other premium ships including arp are fine. don't have s dragon yet to check.

retraining required.jpg

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oh, i don't mind it very much, i'll keep using it as it doesn't seem to break anything. just wanted to give you a heads up that there's still some issue. i'll update it when you get a new version.

As always, tnx for the work and for the very early release of the modpack! :D

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disclaimer: not wanting to put any pressure, just trying to offer as much help as i can (i do not know how much you can tinker with the mods to tweak them to work, or if you contact the mod author and have him work it out, so i'm trying to be as comprehensive as i can)


i am using the latest version as well (#1), and i did a bit more testing with only the carousel mod installed. the issue still appears, and also seems to happen when in personal file window (see attached screen). however, it seems to affect only captains that are in reseve, and not inside ships (captains that are undergoing retraining are shown normally, as shown in the 2nd picture, both in port and in personal file window.

i made screenshots that showcase the issue in 3 ways:

             1) (only better ship icons in carousel mod) - first from a colorado trained captain from reserve to Colorado and back to reserve. when in reserve, the xp bar bug appears, when in his trained ship, the xp bar works fine.

             2) (only better ship icons in carousel mod) -  same captain, from reserve, to missouri (getting him back to reserve is identical to the first case) xp bar is bugged in all stages.

             3) (no mods) - moving same captain from reserve to missouri and back to reserve. xp bar is fine in all stages

i'm also attaching the log file, as it should only contain info from the installation of the single mod.


apparently, the bug is not tied only to missouri, but to the personal file as well, so maybe that's a better way to try to approach the solution?

when moving same captain to another premium ship(albany), the xp bar is working normally.


if you need me to do any further tests, do let me know.




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  • Administrator

Thank a lot, this is well done report!


Could you please replace docks.xml with this one and see if there is improvement: dock.xml


I tested it and it should fix that problems.


edit: it's confirmed bugged Extended tech tree and better icons on carousel mods, already updated them, wait for new modpack.

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Sorry for the delay in my answer, was in a plutoon and couldn't get to test. 

Glad you liked the report :P 


Tnx for digging it out, i can confirm the dock.xml provided works, it solves both personal file and missouri. Awesome work, aslain! :D

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