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[WoWs] Camera bug

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With "Yet another zoom-out mod" installed I got this weird looking camera when zooming in too much.





After removing the mod it worked fine but I haven't tested if the bug appears due to other mods I have installed so heres a list.


Installed mods: 

- Yet another zoom-out mod

- Gunmarker #5

- Detection: Black Citadel v2 - Blue

- Compass sahpe 6

- Hitmarker 1

- Master Port Collection

- Improved Chat

- PolandBall Stock

- Better carousel

- Better visible Torpedoes Blue

- Navigator original

- Clear Vision

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Problem are a few <nearPlane> values and of course the controllers.


Guess you'll do it yourself but I'll attach the mod from the last game version but fixed for 0.6.1



EDIT: I just noticed that i began this thread in the WoT Bug section, I'm sorry for that and thanks for moving it.

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