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0.6.1 - Battle load-in screen scrambled

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After installing the usual mods with on Feb 10th, I started to have a problem with the battle load-in screen (see attached file).  I always default to the Team Members tab, so I expected that to come up, but instead I got the Mission screen and it wasn't laid out correctly (again, see attachment).  In addition to that, I was unable to click on either the Team Members or Divisions tabs, so while I could see where I was spawning on the map, I had no idea of the composition of either team until the battle started, which leaves little or no time to come up with a plan.

Anyway, I spoke with a friend who said he had had the same problem, but restarting the client had fixed it - this didn't work for me, and I spent the next 2 days going back and forth with WG support trying to figure it out.

Then it dawned on me it might be a mod - so I uninstalled the 3 mods I had most recently added on the 10th and restarted the game - the screen was fine, but there was no sound.  So I uninstalled the entire mod pack and the game was fine.  Then I reinstalled the mods I want to use (including the ones that may have caused the problem, hoping to recreate it so I could remove one mod at a time to maybe find which one had been at the root of it all, but the game still works fine now.  The difference is version 2 versus version 6 of 0.6.1, so it is apparently no longer a problem, but for the record, the 3 mods I removed to get the load-in screen back to normal were:


Master Port Collection

Torpedo Warning sound (Dancing Queen)

Move Ribbons to Center

WOWS loadin screen messed up feb 10 2017.jpg

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In my zeal to report this I had meant to read the bug-reporting instructions but forgot to do so in the end.  I've attached the log file; during the time I had the problem I wasn't even thinking that it might be a mod issue (I've been using them so long now I tend to forget they're even separate from the game) and dealt with WG support.  in the end I did uninstall the mod pack and play a game, which ran just fine - then I reinstalled the mods with the current version and the problem is no longer there.  So apologies for skipping a few rules, but apparently the problem has been resolved with subsequent mod updates and this is no longer an issue.


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