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Critical Error after installing Aslain's mod pack

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So I've been suffering from constant drops, game resets, and lag since 3-4 updates ago, as well as other issues, like unable to click the mini map to alert/direct teammates, etc. Long story short I opted to for a clean install today, so I uninstalled the game, re-downloaded and everything went as planned. Still having some drops, but not as frequently. I went ahead and reinstalled aslains since I love this mod pack, but after words is when the trouble began:

Critical Error T.png


Like I said, it only started doing this after I installed Aslain's mod pack, and persisted after I uninstalled it. ( :-( )


What I did to try and fix it:

Deleted "preferences" file

Reinstalled Microsoft C++

Updated Direct X


I did another uninstall and reinstall overnight. Game worked perfect until I installed Aslains again. Both times the game continued to fail even after in uninstalled Aslains. I posed a shot of the critical error. Currently running an.integrity check. If this repairs the game I'll post back, and if not.....I guess I'll post back...lol. Just decided to get this cooking incase others were having trouble and the integrity check failed. 


Operating System:

Windows 10

Intel i5

12GB Ram

GeForce GTX 760

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My apologies about the font. I copied my post from the WOWS forum and did not recognize it would default so dark. I should have double checked it after I submitted. The integrity check worked and I was able to operate the game after installing your mod pack. I was not sure if the necessary files to troubleshoot would be in the log file since I had uninstalled the pack so I reinstalled. The installed informed me there was an update so I downloaded the latest update. Interestingly, it must have been something in the previous modpack because the most recent update seems to be working flawlessly. If I notice any trouble I will post back.


Best Regards, Suicide_Jockey.

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