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XVM issue

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Hello! I am KR User, so sorry for my poor English.


There was no problem with v.3.9.19_93, issue occurs with later version and v.4.0.5_94 as far as i know.


The problem is, when I check 'The XVM player statistics - Player rating formula with any kind of formula', mods just gone upside down.


It makes following errors which I've found till now.


'auto-login' not working

'color scheme - green vs. violet(CB)' not working

'multilined carousel' not working

'xvm minimap' not working

'panels & windows by aslain' - all options not working

spot indicator, bulb is changed to star(like *) or something

'vehicle contour icons' is not installed with option i checked(default icon), instead other VCI is installed.


with unchecking xvm player statics option, all function is working well.


I really admire your work. Thank you for making this mod pack. Have a good day!

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found the solution



adjust '癤?' to '{' at first line then it's working

especially elements.xc and vehicleNames.xc have this problem.



I think it's about Korean OS. Font is broken in those files.


It is your own OS corrupting those files, the original files has no chinese marks inside, however I don't know why it happens. It should not but still... Tell me exactly which file names have you had corrupted?

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