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Random game crashes in sniper view

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Dear Aslain,


First of all, I  would like to thank you. It'a great modpack and I'm glad to be able to use it.


Until last friday, when WoT got a Patch, everything was just fine. Since then, the game randomly crashes when I use the sniper view during the battle with the result that I have to terminate the task in my task manager to restart the game.

There are no other problems in the game and the game crashes occur occasionally e.g. when I zoom in on an enemy. In addition, it doens't matter wheter it is a 2x, 4x or higher zoom.


I tried to play the game without mods and then the game worked always fine. Since Friday, you released 6 patches and I installed everyone of them but unfortunately none of these patches has solved the problem yet.


I hope you're able to help me.


Kind Regards.





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